Google Analytics report

When you connect UserReport and Google Analytics you will be able to see the most important Google Analytics reports at your UserReport account. UserReport simply imports the most commenly used "audience", "traffic sources", "content",  "goals" and "ecommerce" reports and presents the data in beautiful newly designed reports. We have even included a new "dashboard" which captures the most important data from each report.

Google Analytics Dashboard in UserReport

Each report is generated in real-time and includes data from the last month by default. You may select a custom time period as UserReport is also able to show your historic Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics ecommerce report in UserReport

Explore all the Google Analytics reports in UserReport to get a quick overview of how your website is performing in key areas.

However, the true revolution of the Google Analytics integration is the ability to filter your Google Analytics data by the answers from your UserReport online survey. Please read about filtering by survey questions here.



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